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5 DIY Hallowe’en Costumes That Are Good Enough To Eat!

October 29, 2015

It’s a great time of year to get crafty and make your own homemade Hallowe’en costumes! Sure you could buy one from a store or online, but we think it’s more fun to get creative and do it yourself. We salute these awesome DIY food themed costumes. Great for any age, we have included links on how you too can create them.

1.Bunch of Grapes

grapes 2

We love this costume! So simple and fairly inexpensive to create. To make your own purple or green grapes costume click on this link to eHow. Hopefully you won’t run into Pinhead on your Hallowe’en night!

2. Baby Carrot

Carrot costume

How cute is this baby Carrot? Pretty darn adorable! Maybe it’ll teach him to love vegetables even before he’s on solids! Be the carrot, little one.


broccoli costume Broccoli-Costume

These kids are rockin’ the brocc’! Searching the web brings up a lot of clever ways to become a bunch of broccoli….. who knew? One ingenious parent attached green pompoms to a green onesie to make baby broccoli that looks quite cozy.

4. Jack O’Lantern


What’s more Hallowe’en than a Pumpkin? Always a classic and you can make your face as happy or as scary as you want. We also found some very hilarious pumpkin costumes that included women using their pregnant bellies, the kid’s a natural!

5. Sushi


Sushi has become a popular costume and there are varying levels of difficulty, we love these nigiri costumes made with pillows with wasabi and ginger headbands. Here’s another simplified way by Tamiko.

Our very own Acting Executive Director, Jaydeen, made her dog, Keelah, an ebi sushi costume! What a sport!


Share with us your own homemade costume ideas. Have a fun Hallowe’en and don’t forget to be safe! Here’s a link to Canadian Living’s Trick-or-Treating safety tips.


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