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A Growing Team at Growing Chefs! Introducing Morgan Shupe

January 25, 2018

This January, Growing Chefs! welcomed three new Program/Volunteer Liaisons to our team. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Morgan Shupe. Welcome, Morgan!

“Hello, my name is Morgan Shupe and I am one of the three new Program Liaisons for Growing Chefs! I will be helping organize volunteers and make sure the program runs smoothly this spring.

I am in love with all things food and just about my whole life revolves around good food. I was lucky to be introduced to cooking at a young age. I was so interested in the kitchen that my parents had to put up a baby gate to keep me out, but that wouldn’t stop this girl. No siree, I would stand on the other side of the gate with my hands reaching into the kitchen asking, “Me some. Me some more?”. They were not able to keep me out for very long and sooner than later I was helping them as often as I could. My favorite thing to cook was (and still is) pie! I would get to take the pie pastry scraps from my mom’s Tofu Pot Pie. I would roll them out myself, and then fill them with whatever I wanted. I am told that most of my pies were good but there may have been a few unfortunate flavor combinations but my supportive family would always eat whatever I made.

Being invited into the kitchen set me up with a healthy appetite for the kitchen and by 16, I started working in restaurants as a dishwasher and worked my way up to Sous Chef. From there I became an office Chef making daily nutritious lunches for a staff of 100, and then became a freelance chef developing recipes and writing cooking articles for companies.

Learning to cook at a young age can teach kids so many skills – reading skills, problem-solving skills, math, science, nutrition, and most importantly a healthy appetite. The kitchen can be a playground but it is also a classroom. I am so excited to help introduce the Growing Chef! students to cooking and gardening.”

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