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Our biggest year yet!

August 3, 2017

Summer has arrived! School’s out, and another year of our Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program has come to a close. 

This spring we were in 44 classrooms, across Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, and Victoria. We worked with more than 1,400 students learning to plant, grow, and cook their own healthy food.

We were extra lucky this year to have Olivia Sari-Goerlach of OSG Photography joining us in one of our classrooms allowing us to share this insider’s peek at our lessons.

Lesson 1

Our chefs eagerly arrived at their first Growing Chefs! lesson to be greeted by excited students (and teachers!) who couldn’t wait to get their windowsill gardens set up. The chefs and students got to know one another by discussing what they knew about where their food comes from and the many different places and ways we can grow food.

After examining the seeds, students planted lettuce, beans, peas, arugula, radishes and beets in their very own classroom gardens! With seeds planted and our gardens lined up at the window, there was nothing to do but water and wait….

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

In our Vegetable Sharing Circle, students told us about a vegetable commonly used in their home and how they like to prepare and eat it with their families.


One student tried, and succeeded, to stump our chefs by bringing in a vegetable many of us had never seen or tried before! After revealing its name we got to learn all about the Japanese Mountain Yam, and even try a taste of this strange vegetable that gets very slimy as you prepare it.


Lesson 4

After learning about and getting to taste a wide variety of leafy greens the class read the book, How Are You Peeling: Foods With Moods by Saxton Freymann and had the chance to create their own vegetable characters to express their emotions.


Lesson 5

This week was all about vitamins and the health benefits of vegetables! The chefs demonstrated how to make a tasty salad dressing and taught students how to follow a recipe.


Students then harvested greens from their garden to make their very own vitamin-packed healthy salad.

Lesson 6

The lesson we had all been waiting for – our big cooking lesson!  Students learned how to properly, and safely, chop their own vegetables and then put all their new found skills to the test. Harvesting their gardens, preparing their ingredients, and cooking a delicious and nutritious meal to share with their classmates, teachers, and parents!


Lesson 7

After reviewing what we learned over the past 3 months, students lined up to be congratulated by the chefs and receive their certificates for becoming a Growing Chef! and planted a seed for their gardens at home.


A huge thank you to all the volunteers, teachers, and amazing supporters we have had this year! We couldn’t do it without you!

If teaching kids how to plant and cook their own veggies looks like something you’d like to take part in, be sure to check out our website for information on volunteering.  If you’d like to help us continue to reach even more schools and kids, head over to our donation page to show your support. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages listed below for even more updates from the classroom!

-Amanda Adams
Growing Chefs! Program Manager

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