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Tips for your Bee Friendly Garden

March 21, 2017


We’re pretty thrilled over here at Growing Chefs! to have such fantastic friends. Included in this list is PlantSomethingBC, and they wrote this piece for us to share with you.


PlantSomethingBC was launched in 2016 through a partnership between BC Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA) and the BC Government to encourage British Columbians to buy local and start gardening. The campaign in 2017 has evolved and focuses on bee forage plants that add ‘awe’ to any garden. Through this initiative, PlantSomething Bee Friendly was created.

Bees around the world are losing habitat and this is having a direct impact on the wild, honey and bumble bee populations in our communities. Bees are responsible for pollinating up to 80% of plants, including plants that produce the fruit and vegetables that we eat every day. Without pollination, a third of the food that we eat wouldn’t exist and our meals would taste bland.

To keep our plates full and our taste buds happy we need to feed the bees. Many Garden Centres sell wildflower seed blends for pollinators but Bee Friendly plants are not limited to wildflowers. Nurseries around the BC grow gorgeous plants, shrubs, and trees that provide food for the bees all year long. These nurseries are typically family owned and operated and are invested in creating a positive environmental impact in their communities.

Tips for your Bee Friendly garden:

  1. Use a variety of plants that will provide pollen and nectar at different times of the year.
  2. Choose single flower varieties where ever possible (ask you garden centre assistant for help if you have trouble finding them).
  3. Make it easy for the bees and place plants of the same variety close together.
  4. Include a watering hole for bees to drink and cool off in.

The size of your garden doesn’t matter; even if it is in a container, bees do not discriminate. In fact, bees in the city are starving and would be happy to visit your apartment balcony’s container garden!

If you see a bee in your garden, take a picture, upload it to social media and tag it with #BCplants. Every photo that you post will enter you in to win a Wheelbarrow of Goodies.Bee Friendly

To make your gorgeous pollinator garden visit to find a list of plants that is frequently updated. Encourage your neighbours to do the same and add a level of competition between households and families. After all, we are doing it for the bees!

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