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Growing Chefs! From a Parent’s Perspective

March 7, 2017

Lindsey Boyle, gardening with her son Oliver

Lindsey Boyle holds multiple titles and wears many hats at Growing Chefs!  – Volunteer. Committee Chair. Director. Donor. Advocate.

And Parent. After seeing the impact of Growing Chefs! on her son’s class, Lindsey was inspired to get more involved.

People like Lindsey help to make our work in the community possible. Thank you, Lindsey, for all that you do for us, and thank you for taking the time to share your Growing Chefs! experience.

We understand you have a son who participated in the Growing Chefs! Classroom Gardening & Cooking Program. What did he learn from that experience?
Yes, I do. He is 8 years old and his name is Oliver. He told me Growing Chefs! taught him “to grow and cook healthy, yummy things, like stir fry, soup, and salad”. He learned how to use a knife properly. And he said, “I also learned I love to cook.” The first year Oliver’s class was lucky enough to have Growing Chefs!, I attended most weeks, and by the end of it I was inspired to get involved directly and help more kids gain the life-changing experience that Oliver has had.

When you’re not sharing Growing Chefs! with the world, what do you do with your time?
I have a wonderful and very full life. My husband Steve and I have two boys, Oliver and his younger brother George, who is almost 5. We love to be active outdoors and spend a lot of time cross country skiing and biking. For my day job, I am a Partner for The Sound, an exploration (research), strategy, and innovation agency which takes me to many different cities and occasionally overseas to do qualitative research and understand people on behalf of our clients. It’s work that combines business, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and journalism. I love what I do.

You’re the chair of the Communications Committee. What can you share about this upcoming year’s plans/goals?
I’m excited about the year ahead for the Communications Committee because last year was a foundational year – we developed a Communications Strategy for the first time and now we will be focused on measuring progress against the objectives we set. We’ll also be focused on creating goals for increasing communications impact for Farms to Forks, our annual Gala in early October. We want more people to be aware of Farms to Forks – and encourage more to attend and sponsor this amazing event.

You already give so much of your time to Growing Chefs!, why is it important to you to donate as well?
As with any small charity, limited visibility into when grants will be received makes planning for the future very challenging. In order for Growing Chefs! to be able to rely on the funds coming in and plan how to expand their program, they need recurring revenue from ongoing, monthly donors to feel confident they will have the funds coming in to support long-term growth. It’s a top priority for me that the next generation have values around food that will make them want to support healthy food systems – and Growing Chefs! is one of the best ways I’ve seen to ensure that happens.

Join Lindsey and become a monthly donor today: 

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