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Take it From a Volunteer!

February 7, 2017

Who better to advocate for Growing Chefs! than a current volunteer? Thank you so much to Jasmine for sharing her inspiring story below to encourage others to volunteer.

We are accepting applications now for our upcoming spring session of our Classroom Gardening & Cooking Program. It’s a minimal commitment at a one-time 4-hour volunteer orientation in February, and 4 hours a month March – June.

  • Click here to watch a short video about volunteering for Growing Chefs!
  • Click here for more information about volunteering for Growing Chefs!
  • Click here to apply to be a Growing Chefs! volunteer.

“I got involved with Growing Chefs! two years ago because I wanted to contribute to my community and I love working with kids. I have been an avid gardener for years and have worked in the restaurant industry for a decade, so it was a great fit. The other volunteers I’ve had the pleasure of working with have been farmers, chefs, parents, and students. Every team member brings their own set of skills and knowledge to the classroom. I’ve been fortunate to share cooking skills and gardening knowledge with the other volunteer members of the teams I’ve worked with. The whole experience has worked out to be an inspiration for a career change, and a great networking opportunity for me as well, as I am now pursuing a degree in education.

Getting involved with Growing Chefs! is a really minimal time commitment for what everyone involved gets out of it, and the kids are just so excited for every lesson. Each session we have with them is a new adventure, from tasting odd-looking or unknown vegetables and sharing stories about where they come from, to discussions about urban green spaces. It’s amazing the questions some of the kids have come up with during the course of these lessons- I have learned so much through their curiosity.

There’s something really powerful about engaging with young students, and empowering them to contribute to food security in their own lives. Many of them don’t know where their food comes from or how it’s grown, much less how far it may be travelling to get to the kitchen table. We influence better consumer and eating habits by changing the way these students think about vegetables, and how easy, fun, and delicious it can be to grow, cook and eat them!

If you decide to join the Growing Chefs! community, you’ll be rewarded with knowing you’re positively impacting those students’ lives by imparting gardening, cooking, and nutrition knowledge, and you’ll gain a sense of adventure and curiosity inspired by every student in that classroom. Please consider making time for growing a few chefs in your community.”

If Jasmine’s story has inspired you to volunteer, apply today!

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