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4 Easy-To-Keep Goals for a Healthier New Year!

January 3, 2017

Happy New Year from all of us at Growing Chefs!

We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season, and that you are feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to make 2017 your best year yet!  We know that many of you set goals and make resolutions that you hope to achieve for the year.  We also know that many of these goals tend to revolve around health and wellness, and we want you to succeed! Below are 4 specific goals to help you on your way to a healthy and happy 2017!

1. Try One New Healthy Food Each Month


Have you been eyeing a certain vegetable in the supermarket, or are you curious about that new superfood you keep reading about?  Does it look “weird” or scary to cook?  Face your fears and give it a shot – you never know if you’ll discover something you love!  This is also a great idea to do with your kids – the more new foods they try, the more open-minded they will be to all foods in the future, and it’s a great way to sneak more healthy foods into their diet!

2. Learn One New Healthy Recipe Each Month


This goal can go hand in hand with the previous one.  Finding new delicious ways to cook new foods or longtime favourites, is a great way to ensure you keep incorporating healthy foods into your diet without getting bored.  Make mental notes of a delicious dish you tried in a restaurant and try to recreate it at home, or scour the Internet for tons of healthy recipes!  Getting your whole family involved will help your kids learn to cook, get them in touch with their food, and allow you to spend some quality time together.

3. Shop Locally and Seasonally


Make a conscious effort to eat locally and buy foods that are in season.  Not only will you support the local economy, strengthen the community, and have less environmental impact, you will also nourish yourself with fresher, better tasting, and more nutritiously dense food.  Buying foods that are in season is usually cheaper, too, if keeping an eye on your finances is another resolution of yours!  To help you get started, head to your local farmers market or consult this list to see what’s in season in BC.

The BC Association of Farmers’ Market has an online tool to help find a market close to you!

4. Give Back


This year, pick one cause, charity, or organization that is meaningful to you and spend some time giving back to the community.  Volunteering often only takes up a few hours of your week, but the benefits to both the community and yourself are endless.  Volunteering helps us grow and creates awareness within ourselves; it helps strengthen relationships and creates new bonds with others; and, of course, it helps those that need it most.  The boost in your happiness and mental well-being will no doubt bring a positive improvement in your health.  For volunteering opportunities in BC, check out some of these websites: govolunteer, City of Vancouver, or Vancouver Coastal Health.  Here at Growing Chefs!, we are always looking for volunteers; we are currently recruiting for our 2017 Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program starting this spring – if planting, growing, and cooking veggies with kids, and inspiring them to eat healthier, sounds like something you would enjoy, be sure to check out our volunteer page here!

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