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Growing and Cooking Vegetables in the Classroom

November 23, 2016

The final months of 2016 bring us to our second year of our fall program! From October to December, grade 4-6 classrooms at Charles Dickens Elementary, Lynn Valley Elementary, General Brock Elementary, Sir James Douglas Elementary, and Queen Mary Elementary are participating in our fall classroom gardening and cooking programs.

15127356_10155470556903135_665860177_oMany people are surprised that we are growing gardens at this time of year but there are definitely vegetables that you can grow indoors year-round, as our students are currently learning.

Beans, radishes, herbs, and lots and lots of fresh greens -kale, arugula, mescluns, lettuce – all do quite well in windowsill gardens.




Just look how much they have grown in 4 weeks!

Of course not everything can be grown all year round, which means the fall is the perfect time to talk about local food, seasonal eating, food miles, and food preservation methods. Our amazing volunteer teams brought in some great examples from their kitchens of foods they preserve. After, our students got to roll up their sleeves and give it a try themselves preparing their own pickled vegetables right in the classroom.


With only a few lessons left in our fall program, we are ramping up the kitchen skills as students are beginning to develop their very own recipes and will soon be putting those recipes to the test in our program end cook off!

-Amanda Adams
Program Coordinator

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