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Darren Stott: Volunteer, monthly donor, food enthusiast, and superstar!

November 15, 2016

Darren (left) and his kids visiting Parsons Farm (founded in 1908 in Keremeos). Also featured is 4th generation farmer Quentin Parsons.

We were able to recently connect with one of our amazing volunteers, and a member of our monthly donation Champion Radish Club, Darren Stott!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got introduced to Growing Chefs!

When Growing Chefs! was just getting started the founder Merri contacted the company I worked for back then (SPUD) to talk about a partnership. I was very impressed with Merri and her vision and promised myself to volunteer when the timing was right. SPUD was a supporter of Growing Chefs! while I was there and when I left and had the time to volunteer during the day I jumped to the chance.

What made you decide to become a classroom volunteer with Growing Chefs!?

I fundamentally believe the more we as individuals appreciate our food the more we will look after our planet and our health. Growing up in the 70s and 80s food was treated as a commodity and children had a little experience cooking and gardening. I think has had a detrimental effect on our planet and health and only education can reverse this.

What made you choose to support Growing Chefs! as a Champion Radish monthly donor and how do you think your gift makes a difference?

I felt I had to put my money where my mouth was. It’s crazy that courses like Growing Chefs! aren’t part of the curriculum and until they are they need support from people like me and others.

Why do you think a program like Growing Chefs! is important in a community like Vancouver?

I keep imagining all these little Jamie Oliver’s graduating school and shopping at farmers’ markets, growing their gardens and voting in politicians who care about our farmland and environment.

Why do you think it’s important for kids to learn about growing and cooking their own food?

More than anything, it increases their appreciation of it and those that produce it.

What’s your favourite vegetable to grow, cook, and/or eat?

I planted my first jalapeno pepper plant this year and was surprised how many peppers it produced. My son and I had fun challenging each other to eat them raw! Otherwise they were amazing in a hummus salad wrap.

What’s the most unique food you’ve ever eaten?

I’ve not eaten yet, but was intrigued by seeing bark in the herbs and spices section of Famous Foods. If anyone has any recipes, please pass on.

Thank you Darren for your ongoing support! We’re so grateful for community members like YOU!

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