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From Farms To Forks 7 thank you!

October 4, 2016

Photo credit: OSG Photography

WOW! What an incredible night of canapés and cocktails, of wining and dining, and great fun for a great cause! We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did and all of us at Growing Chefs! send a huge thank you to everyone that helped make the night a huge success!

*Stay tuned for our photo essay to relive the night’s culinary adventures.

It’s our seventh gala, it’s our seventh poem,
We’ve stood here at PICA so long it’s our home.
So before I begin to thank every and each,
A quick round of applause for our hosts, I beseech.

Year in and year out, Chef Darren, Chef Julian,
Are here to ensure that the stews are a stewin’,
Their students are helpin’, their pots are a-boil,
So thanks above all for your help and your toil.

And what can I say, about our chef superstars?
We’re honoured to have you at an event such as ours.
You come out each year, to help with our vision,
And execute each dish with skill and precision.

But before chefs can work, someone grows all that food!
Our growers, our farmers, they all set the mood.
With their hands in the dirt and their hearts in the land,
This event is for them, it’s for them that we stand.

Speaking of stars, we must thank our emcees,
There are really no two as awesome as these.
So Fred and Margaret, you’ve got our acclaim,
You bring us to life, bring us fortune and fame.

Our sponsor, Whole Foods, you’ve done us a favour,
To help make this happen, food and wine soon to savour.
And speaking of wine, our thanks, Constellation,
You pairings are sure to be a sensation.

Our fabulous friends from team SVP,
Nick and all staff—Dara, Gina, Dempsey.
You come out in droves with support and with care,
It’s become that it wouldn’t be right weren’t you there.

Our Board of Directors, who are meeting and greeting,
You shape us and make us, the pot always sweetening.
And on that sweet note, Moody Ales, thanks for beer!
Your generous keg ensures our good cheer.

A new and fantastic photography team!
Olivia and Benjamin, your work is supreme.
And Justin, videographer, with us from JKD,
So folks look your best—you could end up on TV!

Gillespie’s Fine Spirits, for your gin we are grateful,
And Dylan, from Bambudda, in your hands oh so able.
From Natural Pastures our cheese, and from Terra our bread,
With you make sure each last mouth has been fed.

Artona, you’ve been here with us since day one,
You make sure the fabulous programs get done.
Fiona, designer, your talents are many,
For Pedersen’s, who provided the rentals a-plenty.

To Isabelle, “Namasthé” for your tea and your sodas,
You always supply delicious non-alcoholic quotas.
To Westjet for donating our sweet raffle prize,
Our media sponsors: Scout, Edible Vancouver, and Daily Hive.

Huge thanks to Paul, for your professional eye,
When things all work out, we’ll know that you’re why.
For our servers, and pourers of wine, and our kitchen,
Chris, Grace, and team it’s with you that we’re smitten.

To Ange and to David, l left you near last,
Without you here last year, it just wasn’t a blast.
Our students and dishwashers, you keep us together,
Thanks for your help, in fair or foul weather.

To the many whose gifts to our auction were donated,
You set the bar till the bids are abated.
I cannot wait till you meet Finn and Jade,
From Charles Dickens Elementary, these kids will AMAZE!

Thanks all for your patience, I’m nearly all done,
But I can’t let you go till I thank the last one.
Our staff—you’re amazing. Christina and Ryan,
Amanda—you pulled it off, you never stopped tryin’.

To Helen, for guidance, you came when we called,
You hands full with Nico, you still stayed involved.
Jaydeen, for your leadership, for stepping on up,
That’s it, that’s the last one! Now go fill your cup.

Merri Schwartz (Growing Chefs! founder)

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