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Back to School: Food Miles & Fundraising

September 6, 2016

Photo credit: OSG Photography

Back to School means Growing Chefs! is heading back into the classroom! This fall we are sending more of our amazing chef volunteer teams into grade 4-6 classrooms to deliver our Intermediate Cooking & Gardening Program.

One of our favourite Intermediate activities is around Food Miles; the distance that food travels from where it is grown to where it is ultimately purchased/consumed. The more food miles, the less sustainable and the less environmentally desirable that food is.

We try to encourage kids in our classrooms to think about where their food comes from, and hope they encourage their families to do the same. To help you make some local choices this September, we have partnered up with Two Rivers Specialty Meats and SPUD.

Two Rivers Specialty Meats – Click and order. Pick it up from their North Vancouver location on October 13 or 14 and 15% of your order will be donated to Growing Chefs!

SPUDClick and create an account. Order from the selection of produce boxes (we suggest the local box). It can be delivered to your home or office and 25% of your produce box order will be donated to Growing Chefs!

THANK YOU! Happy back to school!



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