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What a year! 2015/16 Program Recap

July 28, 2016

It’s summer and a perfect time to reflect on the incredible time we had this school year! If you missed our mid-program check-in in May we reported on the first half of our lessons in the classroom this spring.

Please join us now in reading our photo recap below to see what the students learned in lessons 4-7 and our volunteer appreciation farm party.

Lesson 4 began with introducing students to different varieties of leafy greens – spinach, watercress, mustard greens and more! The kids were very excited to taste all the different flavours, including some of the greens from their own gardens.

The class then read the book, How Are You Peeling: Foods With Moods by Saxton Freymann, which illustrates how vegetables can be used to express emotions. Students then had the chance to create their own vegetable characters to express their emotions and even our volunteers got in on the fun!

In Lesson 5, students learned all about the health benefits they gain when they eat vitamin-filled veggies!

The chefs demonstrated how to make a tasty salad dressing and taught students how to follow a recipe. Students then harvested greens from their garden to make their very own vitamin-packed healthy salad.

The lesson we had all been waiting for – our big cooking lesson!  Students first watched a chef demonstrate how to use a knife to chop vegetables, learning how to make their “claw” to ensure that no fingers would get hurt! Then each student got the chance to chop their own vegetables!DSCN0315
Some students harvested what they had grown in their gardens, while others shelled peas, shred spinach, broke broccoli, and set up for our in-class picnic.

After preparing all the ingredients, the class watched the chefs make a soup and helped make a stir fry.  Everyone then got to enjoy the food during their in-class picnic. Being able to harvest, prepare, and cook their own food was what the classes had been building up to all year, and it was a truly rewarding experience for all of the students, teachers, and chef volunteers!



After reviewing what we learned over the past 3 months, students lined up to be congratulated by the chefs and receive their certificates for becoming a Growing Chef! and planted a seed for their gardens at home.


Thank you to all the teachers and schools who participated this year and especially to our amazing volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering, find out more and sign up on our website today!

 The program was complete and it was time to celebrate another year of success. See below for photos from our volunteer appreciation party at Urban Digs Farm. Special thanks to the farm for hosting and serving up delicious sausages on the grill, to Namasthe Tea CompanyParallel 49 Brewing, and Bomber Brewing for donating our beverages for the event, to Luca Fogale for providing us with live music, and to the chefs from Pier 73 for judging our pie contest! And of course to all the teachers and volunteers who joined us at the event.

Thank you again to everyone for supporting us and being part of the Growing Chefs! community.
Help us create even more life-long healthy eaters. Please visit our website for ideas on how you can donate. By making a gift today, you can help us give even more students hands-on experience growing and eating healthy, sustainable food. We hope you have a wonderful summer!
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