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Donor Profile – Knifewear

February 25, 2016


Bringing the Growing Chefs! program to Kelowna classrooms would not have been possible without the support of our many community donors and volunteers. Knifewear supported the Kelowna program since first introduced three years ago and has donated nearly $6,000 to Growing Chefs! since 2013. Part of our classroom program lessons include teaching children kitchen and knife safety, including the all-important proper knife skills. We love having a quality, expert knife shop on our team of supporters.

We had a chance to ask Knifewear owner, Kevin Kent, in Calgary a few questions about what it means to him to be involved with Growing Chefs!

IMG_6637Why did Knifewear decide to support Growing Chefs? Tell us about how you first got involved with our program.

K: We first heard about Growing Chefs! through one of the Kelowna Growing Chefs! program volunteers. He informed us about the program and we later approached him about supporting Growing Chefs! because we believe it is important to teach kids about good, healthy food, where it comes from, and how to use it. We love the idea of having local chefs in the classroom teaching the children.

How does the Knifewear Growing Chefs! campaign work?

K:We donate $2 from every knife sharpening we do to Growing Chefs!

Why do you think the Growing Chefs! program is important for the community and for kids?

K: I think that teaching about where food comes from and what to do with it is important in raising healthy kids with healthy attitudes towards food.

Why is food sustainability and local and urban agriculture important to Knifewear?

K: I think that it’s all part of having a healthy attitude towards food in general. Knowing where your food comes from, whether it is vegetables or meat, is important. It supports your community and provides health alternatives to processed foods that have become such a big part of our culture.

Why does Knifewear feel it’s important to get involved with an organization like Growing Chefs?

K: We feel that we have a responsibility to give back to the communities that we are a part of.

What is your favourite dish to cook for yourself?

K: I love Mexican food and make a mean Pico de Gallo. I get to do a lot of chopping with this dish 🙂


IMG_7296Thank you to Knifewear and all of our amazing community supporters. To learn how you can get involved and support our program, please contact us at or 778-885-1308.


Knifewear is excited to announce they are looking to open their first permanent location in Vancouver. We look forward to the launch of their new store!


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