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Adopt-A-Classroom Profile: Cook Culture

February 4, 2016

Cook Culture Logo Sept 30 2015

Growing Chefs! is excited to feature another new Adopt-A-Classroom supporter, Cook Culture. Cook Culture has adopted a record four classrooms for the upcoming spring Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program. We spoke with Jed Grieve, CEO of Cook Culture, and asked him a few questions about why they choose to support the Growing Chefs! program.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Cook Culture?


My name is Jed Grieve and I operate Cook Culture, along with 40 other fine folks. I started in retail at a young age and grew up on the front lines. As I grew older, I became more and more aware of the importance of high quality, nutrient dense, sustainable food. I started Cook Culture in October of 2010 as a Food Hub where people could buy essential items for cooking and gain knowledge on sourcing and creating their own food at home. In our store we sell kitchen gear, and we teach cooking classes in the onsite kitchen.

In August 2014, Cook Culture expanded from Victoria into Vancouver with the acquisition of Cookworks, a similar business without the teaching facilities. We then built another location in North Vancouver with a teaching kitchen which opened this last fall.

We do our best to offer our customers knowledgeable and consistently high quality service. We pride ourselves on our passion for cooking and our commitment to our local communities. We believe that people making and eating healthier food together builds the fabric of our lives .


Why do you think a program like Growing Chefs! is important in our communities?

We chose Growing Chefs! because we felt that they best represented our Core Values. Food is essential to our basic existence; eating quality food, made fresh and from scratch, allows us to thrive. We believe that families who put a higher degree of importance towards what they eat will reap the benefits of health, happiness and longevity. Growing Chefs! teaches children the importance of nutrition and eating whole foods, which they will share with their families.


Why do you think it’s important for kids to learn about growing and cooking their own food?

I’ve seen first hand the effects of low quality food on children’s well-being and mental health. Living creatures are complex and need every bit of benefit from a wide array of food to get all the nutritional requirements to thrive. I believe it’s important for kids to learn about growing and cooking their own food to help our planet, reduce our massive health care costs, support mental health, curb obesity, and help children thrive.


What’s your favourite dish to cook?

Anything with my kids.


What’s your favourite vegetable to eat?

Almost anything that’s just come out of the ground.


We are thankful to Jed and Cook Culture for their incredible support of the Growing Chefs! program. To learn more about who our supporters are visit our website. Contact us to find out ways you can give to Growing Chefs!

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