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5 Favourite DIY Holiday Decorations – Food Edition

December 9, 2015

This holiday season we tracked down some fun, family-friendly food crafts. We hope these inspire you to get creative and start playing with your food!

Please note that not all of these crafts are edible and young children will require supervision when using any tools that may be dangerous.

1. Healthy Gingerbread House


We LOVE this adorable gingerbread house decked out in nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and popcorn. It’s a rustic cookie house that has cut down on the sugar – you won’t mind the kids snacking on it while they decorate! Find the how-to via The Chalkboard.

2. Popcorn & Cranberry Garland


Cranberry Moms shared their instructions for making beautiful cranberry & popcorn garland. This garland is great indoors but the birds will thank you for the treat when you hang it outside! Here are are few additional tips from Instructables.

3. Spiced Citrus Pomanders


These citrus & clove pomander ornaments are a craft some of us may remember making as children. They have the most wonderful warming scent for the holidays and can be enjoyed fresh or dried – if prepped properly they can last quite a long time. The oranges pictured were created by Off Beat Home. We found a few design variations including these on Simple Bites. Check out this post by Martha Stewart for some tips in the comments section on how to make your pomander last through the season.

4. Walnut & Filbert Mouse


Does anyone remember making adorable sleeping mice out of walnut shells and filberts? The Spaghetti Westerner created great step-by-step instructions to making these cute little ornaments. Christina at Growing Chefs! recalls making quite a few of these as a child but had never thought to put a night cap on their head! We think we know what she’s making everyone for Christmas this year…

5. Applesauce & Cinnamon Cutouts


These lovely applesauce & cinnamon hearts are a wonderfully scented decoration that can be put on the tree, added to wrapped presents, or made into garland. You can make any shape you like by using different cookie cutters. We also love them decorated using puffy paint or gluing on sparkles, buttons, and sequins. Kay Elliot gives great instructions and reminds you that while they’re made with food, they are not considered edible! The Gold Jellybean gives more decorating tips here.

What are your favourite holiday crafts? We’d love to know. Happy holidays and happy crafting!

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