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From Farms To Forks 6 Thank You!

October 5, 2015

IMG_8422What a  fantastic night of canapés and cocktails, of wining and dining, and great fun for a great cause! We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did and all of us at Growing Chefs! send a huge thank you to everyone that helped make the night a huge success!

*Stay tuned for our photo essay to relive the night’s culinary adventures.

Another year ‘round and we’re all right back home,
Another great gala, another long poem.
So please take a moment, if listen you might,
A quick list of thank you’s, then on to the night.

The first one, as always, is PICA, to thank,
Without them, this gala—this night—would be sank.
And always, they greet us with fun and good cheer,
Believe me—their patience and help have no peer.

And while on that note, there are two I must list,
Julian and Darren—you’re the best—we insist.
It’s you and your students, who make everything happen,
You jump to help out, when our fingers are snappin’.

This one is obvious, but still worth acclaim,
Without our producers, ‘twould not be the same.
The farmers and fishers, for hard work and toil,
Our chefs in the kitchen, with pots on the boil.

We all must admit, as we stand here and ponder,
Food makers and growers, it’s you we must honour.
And speaking of honour, we love you emcees!
Your charisma and charm are some great qualities.

Our bartender Rob, for a cocktail divine,
Constellation Brands, for our roster of wine.
For beer thanks to Connor and of course Moody Ales,
If it weren’t for you, the chefs would have bailed.

SIP Soda for pop, Namasthé for our tea,
And for our spirits, thank Odd Society.
As always it’s Pedersen’s who brought us our dishes,
Sophia—PR—our grateful good wishes.

The media sponsor—it’s Scout Magazine,
Our student dishwashers, for keeping things clean.
And Victory Square, for the program design,
Artona for printing—our thanks every time!

Our SVP friends, for tickets a-buying,
With you our success is ever multiplying.
Volunteers are all over—servers, wine pourers, and more,
Silent auction, admin–they circle the floor.

We’ve got kids from the program to give you a show,
Our Strathcona students will wow you—I know.
A big thanks to Paul, for helping us shine,
Shira and Scott, who opened all of the wine!

Our board of directors, they’re manning the door,
We owe them a debt, for this and much more.
To the donors who created a killer silent auction,
I guarantee this—the bids are a hoppin’.

To Amanda, for working herself to the bone,
She basically pulled this night off all alone,
And welcome Jaydeen, to our Growing Chefs nest,
You’re just the right fit, and we’re sure of success.

One final word, of wishes to Helen,
If you hadn’t noticed—her belly’s been swellin’!
We send you right off, as you’ll soon be a mom,
And promise to do good while you’re gone.

So thanks to you all for sticking around,
And now that our big web of thanks has been wound,
I want you to know, though believe it you won’t,
I could reuse poems—but I promise—I don’t!

Merri Schwartz (Growing Chefs! founder)


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