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Program Supporter Profile: Bylands

August 21, 2015
We’re so thankful to have been able to bring our Classroom Gardening and Cooking program to Kelowna for 3 years now thanks to support from the local community. We would not be able to continue to run the program in the Okanagan without the many people, organizations, and businesses who have helped us do so. Today we’d like to tell you a bit more about one such business,Bylands Garden Centre and why they got involved in our programs.
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you wanted to get involved with Growing Chefs?
We have two parts to our business. Our nursery grows plants that we sell to customers such as garden centres, nurseries, and landscapers across Canada.  We also have a garden centre that we sell plants, and gifts to the end user (homeowner). We have been growing plants for over  60 years and a big part of our business is growing fruit trees for the homeowner. We also believe and have introduced good environment practices such as composting and recycling our own water from part of our 400 acre nursery.
The reason we signed up with growing chefs is that we feel it’s important to educate from an early age so kids understand the reason why it’s so important to grow your own food.
2. Why do you think a program like Growing Chefs! is important in a community like Kelowna?

I I think it’s important in every community but in Kelowna we are so lucky  to have the long growing season .We ourselves plant crops right into September so we can eat fresh vegetables right up to late November.   We love to have people over and have a dinner with products from our own garden. We love to tell the story of growing the product.

3. Why do you choose to support Flower Power and Growing Chefs?
It’s important that we educate children at an early age starting in the school system. Many children live in an environment where the parents don’t have the time or knowledge of how food is grown. Having the kids know how to do this may actually encourage the parents to be a part of the growing process.
4. Why do you think it’s important for kids to learn about growing and cooking their own food?  
I think it’s important that kids know where food comes from -that it just does not come from a grocery store shelf and that it can be prepared properly to nourish our bodies
5. What’s your favourite vegetable to grow?

We love them all but a couple of our favourites are kale and kohlrabi.

A huge thank you to Bylands and all our continued supporters!


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