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A Recipe for Curious Gardeners – from Chrissy Smith

May 17, 2015

Serves 18 – 24 hungry learners


20 hungry learners, grades 2

1 Foods with Moods book, interactively read

2 engaging Growing Chefs volunteers

Various creatures: baby potatoes, bell peppers

1 UBC Student Teacher, new

3 – 4 body parts: dried macaroni, dried black eyed peas

Assorted lettuces

1 pile of arugula, freshly snipped

A pint of creativity

A sliver of curiosity

A dash of love


  1. Enter George Cunningham Elementary. Add a UBC Student Teacher. Meet 2 friendly Growing Chefs! volunteers and be welcomed to the school.
  2. Listen for countless whispers of “There’s another Chef!” and “She’s new”. Greet with a smile and a “Hello!”.
  3. Have students make observations of the fast-growing gardens. Encourage students to keep following the Garden Rules and watch their plants flourish!
  4. Assemble freshly snipped spicy arugula onto trays: a product of their hard work! Supplement their tasting with different and unique lettuces.
  5. Wait for 1 – 2 minutes as their curious eyes assess the variety of leafy greens (and reds, and purples!). Watch as some of their eyebrows raise in delight and some furrow in discontent.
  6. Read Foods with Moods to the satiated learners. Pay attention to the giggles and their active imaginations churning in their brains.
  7. Throw in a Vegetable Stretch by watering the young seeds. Watch them grow tall, swaying in the wind.
  8. Witness the creativity spill out as their personalized vegetable creations come alive.
  9. Garnish the class with a Thank You! (Note: It is important to mention this as trying something new can be difficult sometimes!)

food with mood

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