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Introducing Student Teacher – Sarah Bihis!

May 8, 2015

My First Visit to Growing Chefs!
My very first experience of Growing Chefs involved me visiting John Norquay Elementary. As I stepped into the classroom, the kids definitely knew I was a new face! It made me realize just how observant kids are! The kids, fellow chefs and teacher were all very friendly and everyone was excited to spend the next hour and half learning about veggies!

Sarah at Trudeau

The first activity we did was a vegetable sharing circle where students brought in their favourite veggies from home. It was truly wonderful to have students so excited and proud to share their favourite veggie. One thing I appreciated was that there was lots of encouragement from students telling each other that a vegetable was delicious if a student scrunched their nose at a particular one.

After the sharing circle, we all got to try the veggies we brought in! This was my favourite part as I even got to try vegetables that I had never had before! I learned that kohlrabi okra are very delicious!Norquay - Lesson 3

No one was more excited to eat veggies than these two little growing chefs in the picture on the right. After the bell for lunch had gone, these two ran back to the tasting table to help polish off these veggies!  I tried to ask them why they enjoyed eating them so much but it was a little difficult for them to talk with their mouths full!

After my very first visit it is easy to say that I have fallen in love with this program and all that it offers to everyone involved. I really do look forward to all my future visits and experiencing all the infectious enthusiasm!

-Sarah Bihis

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