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Introducing Student Teacher Taylor McIntyre

May 5, 2015

This year at Growing Chefs! we are so lucky to be joined by amazing teacher candidates from UBC’s Faculty of Education.  For 3 weeks, each student teacher will be joining our classrooms to help run our Classroom Gardening Program with our chef volunteers, teaching elementary school students how to plant, grow, and cook their own veggies!  We are pleased to introduce student teacher, Taylor McIntyre, below!

As I made my way to the Growing Chefs head office on a rainy Vancouver night in January, I couldn’t help but feel excited. I was about to begin my long practicum and my nerves were invading my body, as I thought about all I would have to take on over the next ten weeks. Walking into Growing Chefs, I felt calm. My nerves melted away, and a sense of belonging took their place. All my worries about practicum vanished, as I became engulfed by the idea of volunteering for Growing Chefs. As I listened to Helen Stortini explain what Growing Chefs was all about, I realized that this was exactly the kind of program I had been looking for to complete my Bachelor of Education.

Growing Chefs gives teacher candidates the opportunity to share their passion for nutrition and sustainability with children in the classroom. I am an English teacher in the Bachelor of Education program at UBC. I am used to teaching students Shakespeare and poetry, so teaching students how to grow their own gardens was a little out of my comfort zone. Although I am not an expert gardener, I am super excited to get in the classroom and share my passion for healthy eating with students. Now that I have finished my long practicum, I am confident that teaching is the right profession for me. I am happiest in the classroom. I cannot wait to get back in the classroom and share my passion for food and sustainability with students.

Looking forward to this new experience,


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