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Mission: Create a fantastic Pea Soup and Stir Fry!

June 17, 2014

It was an exciting day in this Grade 3 classroom. Students embarked on a Pea Soup and Stir Fry prepping mission. It would take a lot of work, but these kids proved they could handle the job. They harvested their student-grown green beans, peas and pea shoots, chopped carrots, shelled peas, broke broccoli into small pieces, and shredded bok choy and spinach.



After tirelessly working away, their efforts were rewarded with a delicious snack of Pea Soup topped with their classroom-grown pea shoots and a delectable, healthy veggie stir-fry – all prepared ever so diligently by these grade 3 students! Mission accomplished!





Smiles were abundant in the classroom as the students enjoyed their healthy snack. It was clear that the Pea Soup and Stir Fry recipe was a hit. One student liked it so much that she began writing a “grocery to-do” list so that she could prepare the Pea Soup for her mom!



While eating their tasty snack, the Growing Chefs! volunteers tested the students’ knowledge on vitamins found in their Pea Soup and Stir Fry as well as on questions such as “What is urban agriculture?” The students did an excellent job demonstrating their knowledge on what they have been learning about since the beginning of the program, such as planting seeds, caring for a garden, the importance of urban agriculture, composting, the variety of vegetables one can eat, and the vitamins found in vegetables.


As the time came for shared clean up duties, this also meant the end of their time with the Growing Chefs! volunteers. This would be the last class of the year so the students had to say their goodbyes to this amazing team of volunteers. They thanked them for all of their hard work teaching the students for the past several months and prepared a beautiful card. Before the end of the class, the students made sure to get autographs of all of the volunteers!IMG_8478

~ Sara Bucovaz


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