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Introducing Student Teacher : Marcelle Poulain

June 11, 2014

My name is Marcelle Poulain and I am a teacher candidate from UBC’s Faculty of Education. I completed my undergraduate degree at UBC with a French major, with the goal of becoming an Elementary French Immersion teacher.  Recently I just completed my school practicum at Hastings Elementary in a grade 4/5 Immersion class! I was lucky enough to be placed in an amazing class, full of students who made me laugh daily, and I miss it already. Having just finished my extended practicum, I am joining Growing Chefs! as part of my Community Field Experience.

I grew up in Victoria, andDSCN0681 am lucky enough to be part of a family that makes eating and living healthy a priority. Growing up we were always playing outside, off on camping trips and generally enjoying all that the west coast has to offer. Meals were always healthy, and we were encouraged to try new foods whenever possible (always had to try something before we could say we didn’t like it!). As I ventured out on my own after high school, things definitely took a turn for the worse. Bagels, pizza pops and an endless supply of perogies all seemed like a reeeaallll good idea for most of my undergrad. While I knew these weren’t the best choices for my health, I found myself too busy and lazy (neither are good excuses, I know) to make a change. In my final year of university I moved into a house with some friends where, thankfully, one of my roommates was a Food and Nutrition major. She took one look at my eating habits and pretty much forced me to make that change. With her help, I began making better meals and saw how great I felt making my own food, using real, fresh ingredients. Since then, I have continued to try new recipes and make a conscious effort to get back to healthy living in all aspects of my life – food included! I continue to surround myself with people who support a healthy lifestyle, whether it be growing their own food, cooking using fresh ingredients, or sharing their great meal ideas with me 😉

I am excited to continue learning about food and sustainable eating. I think these topics are so important to talk about with students, and to show them that they can have control over this area of their life. Having just completed my first day with Growing Chefs! in a Grade 5/6/7 (wow!) classroom, the students’ interest and excitement was infectious. I was lucky enough to join  for lesson 6 where the students were competing in a stir-fry competition. Every student was excited about creating their own recipe and trying the other groups’ creations. So impressive, and all four of the stir-fry’s were delicious! Definitely made me want to stock up on veggies and head home for some of my own creating in the kitchen!

So excited to see what the next few weeks will bring with Growing Chefs!

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