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Classroom Activity: Singing

May 23, 2014

I am very happy to be able to see the Garden Song-Writing Activity last week. It did not matter that students and volunteers alike cannot sing. We had fun doing it. We had half the students play their recorders and everyone else would sing. We switched it after a bit so everyone had a chance to sing and play the recorders. The volunteers sang both times, but we didn’t sound too good. Again, that does not matter. We made the song and performed it in 15 minutes. We did a really good job in that tight time frame.

Here are the lyrics! Hot Cross Buns – Growing Chefs Style~!

Hot Cross Buns - Growing Chefs Style

I haven’t sang a children’s song in a long time. I remember that we sang a lot as kids back at my elementary school. The most memorable time involving sing is when the entire school performed The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf. It was a musical, and the first time I had to sing and dance at the same time. I was in grade 5 at the time so I had no speaking roles (the grade 7s had them). The grade 4s and 5s were the background dancers. We practiced the dancing in PE class (it was the dance unit) and we practiced the singing in choir.

When a lot of people are singing at the same time, there is a comforting aura covering the whole place. Just observing it is enough to sense it. It seems like the better singers are giving the weaker singers just enough support and encouragement to sing along as well. With everyone singing, it is hard to feel like you can’t sing. Everyone’s voices are meshed together. It is difficult and irrelevant to find the bad singer. No one bothers. It’s comfortable especially if no one cares about singing badly. We all had so much fun! I almost forgot about those moments.


– Lina Wong

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