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Classroom Activities: Pickling!

May 15, 2014

Have you ever tried pickling your own vegetables at home?  Do you know how easy it is?  The students at Gilmore Community Elementary found out today just how easy home-made pickling really is by pickling their own vegetables today in class.  Pickling is one great way to use food preservation in order to make seasonal vegetables available to you all year long, and it also makes them taste great!  20140506_094840

The kids started out today by learning about what a brine is and how it helps preserve canned foods.  The students and chef volunteers discussed knife safety before beginning, and all of the students played an active role in picking out their pickling vegetables, preparing the vegetables, and creating their own pickling concoctions!  I was impressed to see that all of the groups chose to do a mixed jar, full of a variety of great vegetables such as beans, red pepper, carrots, and cucumber, of course.  They20140506_095307 added garlic and dill to kick up the flavor, and many groups were adventurous enough to add some heat by putting in chili peppers!

It was great to see the students working together as a team, helping each other out with preparation and knife safety, and adding in a variety of vegetables and flavors.  This is what cooking is all about.  Bringing people together, having fun, and being creative!  If you love pickled vegetables, be adventurous like the students at Gilmore Community Elementary and try pickling your own foods at home – it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s delicious.


– Brianne Farrall

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