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Introducing Student Teacher: Lina Wong

May 14, 2014

Lina at a festival by her neighborhood

I am a student studying secondary education at UBC. I just finished my long practicum and am now doing my extended practicum with Growing Chefs!

The first time I was exposed to the idea of treating the earth better was during a mandatory grade 7 camp. Since then, I start to notice more disservice towards Earth. When that started, I noticed people missing the garbage can and not bothering to pick up the garbage and throw it away properly. I noticed people throwing away their pop cans. I noticed people leaving the public washrooms without shutting off the water. I noticed people using way too much paper towels to dry their hands. I started to change a bit after this.

In high school, I started to think about eating healthier. This happened after watching Supersize Me. I realized how badly fast food can affect a person’s health.  I started to notice people feeding their babies French fries, fried chicken, and other unhealthy food. I also started to notice people eating unhealthy food and wondering, “Why do they do this to themselves?”

Near the beginning of university, I started to think about where food came from. I read the packages of frozen vegetables and realized that some of them came from a far away place. I started to notice more foods being labelled “organic”and even started to try and buy more of those kinds of produce. I also try to buy local foods. My uncle lives pretty close to me and has his own garden. In the summer, I take his cherry tomatoes (there’s so many!) and his beans. They taste better than those bought at a store.

I am glad to be with Growing Chefs! because I am learning so much more about food and sustainability.

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