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Introducing Student Teacher: Brianne Farrall

May 1, 2014

This year at Growing Chefs! we are so lucky to be joined by 5 amazing teacher candidates from UBC’s Faculty of Education.  For 3 weeks, each student teacher will be joining our classrooms to help run our Classroom Gardening Program with our chef volunteers, teaching elementary school students how to plant, grow, and cook their own veggies!  We are pleased to introduce student teacher, Brianne Farrall, below!


My name is Brianne Farrall and I am a teacher candidate from UBC’s Faculty of Education.  I have recently joined the Growing Chefs! team as part of my Community Field Experience practicum and I can’t wait to experience first hand what this program has to offer.

I completed my undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Kinesiology, and after deciding a few years ago that I wanted to pursue a career in teaching, I also completed a concentration in Home Economics.  Recently I just completed my school practicum at MacNeill Secondary School in Richmond and I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Getting to know so many awesome students and teaching them about my passions – physical activity and food – was very gratifying.

Although I have been20140429_114444 active my entire life, playing a variety of sports as a child and maintaining that activity after high school, I have recently discovered a passion for food.  Taking courses on food composition, health effects, and sustainability, really opened my eyes to some of the issues related to food that are happening today.  I think knowing where your food comes from and how it is produced is so important for everyone, especially children, to know about.  This is why I chose Growing Chefs! as my CFE placement.  Even though I had the opportunity to teach high school students about food and food preparation,  I love that Growing Chefs!’ goal is to introduce this curiosity and knowledge about food at a young age.  Getting kids interested about sustainable food early is the first step at making them thoughtful food consumers in the future and throughout their lives.

Having just completed my first school visit, I saw how interested and excited the kids were to talk about vegetables and their gardens, it was infectious!  I am excited to be working with elementary school students to see the similarities and differences these classrooms hold compared to secondary school.  Not only do I get to extend my knowledge about food and sustainable eating, but I feel this experience will also help me to continue to grow as a future educational leader.

– Brianne Farrall

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