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Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids!

December 17, 2013

The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones!  Making crafts with your kids is a great way to spend the afternoon building memories, being creative, and having fun.  We’ve rounded up some holiday-themed craft ideas for you and your family to try out this year!

1. Snowman Christmas Balls


How adorable are these Christmas tree ornaments?  All you need are plain Christmas balls, white, orange, and black paint, and some paintbrushes.  Paint your child’s hand white and get them to place their hand on the ball, with fingers spread apart (be sure to keep some wipes on hand!).  Allow paint to dry before painting on the eyes, carrot nose, buttons, and hat of your snowmen.  These ornaments are a great addition for your tree or can be a great personal gift for grandparents!

Image via Pinterest.

2. Handprint Santa or Reindeer

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More handprint ideas! All you need to make these is some paint and construction paper.  Can be used as Christmas tree ornaments or to decorate homemade cards!

Images via Pinterest (1, 2).

3. Reindeer Footprints


These reindeer footprints are one of the cutest ways we’ve seen to decorate Christmas cards for family members!  Click here for instructions.

4. Cotton Ball Snowmen


Create snowmen (Santa works, too!) using only cotton balls and construction paper!  For instructions click here.

5. Paper Snowflakes


A holiday craft classic!  No two snowflakes are the same, and this craft idea allows your kids to be creative and unique by experimenting with all different kinds of cutouts.  For some ideas of how to get started, click here.

Image via Pinterest.

Do you have any great holiday craft ideas that you love to do with your family?  We’d love to know!

Happy Holidays!

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