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Have a Healthier Halloween!

October 30, 2013

Notorious for bags of candy and sugar-filled treats, Halloween is a holiday not so commonly associated with healthy choices!  While we would never want to take the fun and tradition out of Halloween, we do think it’s possible to celebrate the holiday without compromising a healthful diet.  After perusing through the blogosphere and Pinterest, we have rounded up five kid-friendly and festive ideas for you to try this year!

1. Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins


Use fresh fruits as an easy festive treat!  To make the banana ghosts, simply halve bananas and press two smaller chocolate chips into the banana as eyes, and one larger one for the mouth.  These clementines look a lot like mini pumpkins simply by adding small stalks of celery.

Photo via Pinterest

2. Veggie Skeleton Platter


A traditional veggie platter with a fun twist!

Photo via

3. Pumpkin Dip Holder


Another idea for a platter – empty out a medium size pumpkin and use it as a dip holder!  Perfect for Halloween parties.

Photo via Pinterest.

4. Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers 


How adorable are these quinoa-stuffed jack-o-lantern peppers?! To see the recipe, click here.

5. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Don’t throw out those pumpkin seeds!  A healthy alternative to chips, roasted pumpkin seeds are a delicious crunchy snack.  Did you know that pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc and antioxidants such as vitamin E? For the perfect pumpkin seeds, check out this recipe.

Let us know if you gave any of these a try and feel free to share your own Halloween ideas!  We hope you have a happy (and healthy) Halloween!


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