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Creativity and Community: Jenn Perutka’s Local Food Challenge

August 27, 2013

Jenn Perutka


In the third part of our spotlight series on Local Food Challenge participants, we have asked Jenn Perutka to talk to us! She has written about her challenge experience at Vancouver Is Awesome, so be sure to read about where she got her local food there. In addition, she has exceeded her fundraising goal twice! That doesn’t mean she won’t accept more donations, so pledge her now!


1) Please tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Jenn Perutka and I write for Vancouver Is Awesome and Tourism BC as well as an online magazine that I started with a friend called Mish Mash. I’m also a Communications grad from SFU and am about to start a new job within marketing for the SFU Health & Counselling department.
2) Why do you support Growing Chefs?
I support Growing Chefs because I think it’s important to expose kids to healthy food and get them involved in the process of growing and making it. We’re at a point where we’ve become so disconnected from our food and where it comes from, and Growing Chefs is giving kids something I never had in school: the tools and education needed to make the decision every day as what to eat.
3) What does local mean to you?
In addition to connecting with the people where I’m buying my food from, a lot of eating local to me is supporting local businesses that have an emphasis on providing high quality foods. There are a lot of great folks out there that have a passion for food and really want to provide people with a great nourishing product and if I see that passion then I’m all over it.
4) Do you have any tips for future Local Food Challenge participants?
Have fun with it! Take it as an opportunity to explore inside and outside your city and try foods you never have before. Definitely plan ahead and challenge yourself in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to try new combinations of food. Salad doesn’t have to be just some greens with tomatoes. You can have an incredibly rich and fulfilling meal by being a little more creative.
5) Is there anything you want to share with us, stories/experiences/etc. about Local Food Challenge?
Everyone has been so supportive of this whole thing! I was so afraid no one would donate and people that I’ve never even spoken to at work (I work in a very large office) were so enthusiastic about the cause and donated to it. This has been a great way to connect with others who have a similar passion of local and healthy food as well as discovering new products and stores in the city whose mission it is to deliver healthy, high quality, local food.
Thanks Jenn for all your support, enthuasiasm, and passion!
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