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An Adventure at Mt. Pleasant Elementary

August 23, 2013

Today we have another post from Julina completed during our Classroom Gardening program, which ended in June. If you want to see a bit of what we do in person, be sure to find us this weekend at the Richmond Garlic Festival! We will also have a display at the PNE Fair. To celebrate the end of the Local Food Challenge tomorrow, we’ll be at The Juice Truck‘s lemonade stand at Trout Lake Farmers Market! Proceeds from the lemonade stands across the city will benefit Growing Chefs, so get your fill!


Hello, Julina here!

Today I spent the morning at Mt. Pleasant Elementary for the big graduation! The students were sad that it was their last class with Growing Chefs!

First we filled out the Mad Lib as a group, the students laughed up a storm. Almost all the classes I have been to chose “dancing Gangnam Style” as an action, very interesting. Next, since the class had already composted the remaining soil and sprouts from their pots, we decided to take a trip into the community garden next to the school.

We're off on an adventure to the community garden

We’re off on an adventure to the community garden

In the garden we saw many things. We compared what other people were growing to what we grew in our classroom. We saw lots of peas, beets, radishes and beans! But we also saw: carrots, celery, kale, rhubarb, lettuce, and more! We peeked into the compost to look for our plants but it looked like many people had used the compost since then. The students even spotted a slug in the compost, they were so excited! Here are some photos of some the fun things we saw in the garden:

A prehistoric garden critter

A prehistoric garden critter

Another prehistoric critter, uh oh it's an herbivore!

Another prehistoric critter, uh oh it’s an herbivore!

Please pick the radishes, don’t mind if we do!

After our adventure, we returned to the classroom, washed our hands and were ready to graduate! Each student received their certificate, a high five, a small peat pot and their choice of beans or peas. They are now officially Growing Chefs!

What a fun day!

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