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Local Food Opportunity: An Interview with Helen Stortini

August 22, 2013

Chef Helen Knife Skills 6


In our second part of our interview series with Local Food Challenge participants, we interviewed our Executive Director, Helen Stortini. For her, the Local Food Challenge is really an opportunity; an opportunity to “discover and explore new food, meet new farmers, and try new things!” With her enthusiastic support, her campaign has raised over $900, though she is still shy of her $1500 goal. Be sure to pledge her soon, as the challenge ends in two days!

What does local mean to you?

For me it’s about getting to know the people who grow, catch, make, create our food. There is so much work that goes into food before hits our plates, and I think it’s valuable for people to think about that process, as well as the individuals who make it all happen.

Do you have any tips for Local Food Challenge participants?

Have fun! I think some people believe eating local will be an onerous process with tons of restrictions. I believe it’s the exact opposite. There are so many wonderful and delicious things to eat that are grown nearby, sometimes right here in the city. So the challenge is an opportunity to discover and explore new food, meet new farmers, and try new things!

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