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Stir fry, soup, and a slimy friend

August 7, 2013

If you’re like me, then we’re all wishing we were back in the classrooms teaching kids about growing and cooking their own food! In order to tide us until our program begins again in March, let’s take a look at one of intern Julina’s previously unpublished posts. If you want to see more of Growing Chefs in action, visit us this weekend on August 10th from 10AM – 2PM at the Harmony Arts Festival Creative Kids Day.

Julina here!
Today we cooked soup and stirfry!
First we prepared the vegetables, herbs and harvested the window boxes. Look at the size of those peas!

These peas are even taller than the chefs!

These peas are even taller than the chefs!

We were lucky enough to set up in the staff room, the students loved it! It felt like we were in a real kitchen.
growing chefs 416
I was in charge of the pea shelling station and the herb preparation station. The students were pea shelling machines! As we were plucking herbs from their stems we came across a small garden critter. The students were fascinated with our slimy friend! Finding a slug in our herbs brought up a great discussion about using pesticides in the garden. We discussed how finding a slug in our garden can be a good thing because it means our plants are pesticide free! However, one of the chefs taught us that this slug is an invasive species. Even though our slimy friend can be a pest in the garden, we made sure to find a safe home in the compost for it.

This slug tried to help us prepare the herbs

This slug tried to help us prepare the herbs

The students thought the stir fry and soup was delicious! They learned how to cook and even learned about garden critters!

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