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Volunteer Profile: Margo Chapman Kendall

July 23, 2013

We can’t believe the Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program has wrapped up for the year! This year’s successful program would not be possible without our fabulous volunteers. This month, we profile one of our returning volunteers’, Margo Chapman Kendall, a retired anthropology college instructor who one taught a course titled, Anthropology of Food! Talk about the love of food that our volunteers have!

Margo (centre) with volunteers Krista (left) and June (right)

Margo (centre) with volunteers team Krista (left) and June (right)

Why did you decide to volunteer with Growing Chefs? Tell us about how you first got involved with Growing Chefs.

I knew about Growing Chefs! and thought it was an important and interesting organization, but was busy teaching full-time.  After I retired, a former colleague suggested that I become a Growing Chefs! volunteer.  I was delighted to have the reminder and signed up last year.

What’s it like to be a volunteer with Growing Chefs?

Working with another volunteer and a chef, in the classroom, is a rewarding experience in many ways. For me, the best part was sharing the Grade 3’s enthusiasm for each part of the programme.  Volunteering is made easy as the curriculum is laid out clearly and is very well organized.  It is fun and creative, it’s teamwork and learning, and it’s exposing really important issues and providing a wide range of real skills.  Doesn’t get better than that!

Why is food sustainability and local and urban agriculture important to you?

Food sustainability, and equally important, food security, is not just important to me – it is important to all of us.  Sharing information about local and urban agriculture, about the ways to plant seeds, care for plants, compost, prepare (and enjoy!) food is not only an enormous pleasure – it is something we all need to do with each other.  Growing Chefs! does all this and I would encourage anyone with an iota of interest and/or knowledge to volunteer.  I guarantee it will be one of the most worthwhile and rewarding projects you’ve taken on!

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