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Oh the Madness!

June 27, 2013

Hi everyone! It’s Kerry again!

I just had another amazing time with Growing Chefs! This time, at Van Horne Elementary with Division 9! We had a morning filled with giggles and fun!


The students had a blast creating hilarious stories with a Mad-Lib activity. The students were split into three groups and each group was given a copy of the story The Great Class Garden. Except with this story, there are words missing! Each group had to fill in the blanks with crazy and random nouns, adjectives and verbs. Laughter filled the room as the groups completed their Madlibs!

             photo22          photo23

Then it was time to share these silly stories with the class! The students giggled as the stories were read aloud, with each one being crazy and silly in different ways!


After the “madness” subsided, it was time for the little chefs to graduate! As part of the ceremony, each student planted a seed to take home to their families. Vary carefully, the students made a hole with their finger and dropped a seed into the soil, just as they had learned.


Then the students shook hands with the chef volunteers and received their certificate! It’s official… they’re Growing Chefs!



Sadly, it was time to say goodbye. This was the last lesson. The chefs shared their gratitude with class, saying what a fabulous time they had. The students had created beautiful paintings for the chefs to show their appreciation. Everyone had learned so much from one another!


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