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The Grand Finale!

June 20, 2013

Hi everyone! It’s Kerry 🙂

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with students at Henry Anderson for their final visit from Growing Chefs! The students were exteremely excited to be cooking today! Snap Pea Soup and yummy Stir-fry were on the menu.



Learning to cook!

The students were like audience members of their own private cooking show! They had so many questions about the various ingredients and cooking methods, and the Chefs eagerly shared their knowledge and expertise. They learned about what types of ingredients go well together, how to season food, and the importance of tasting the food you cook before you serve it to make sure it is just perfect! Saftey, health and santization were a must for this lesson. The students had a lot of knowledge to share! They knew the importance of washing hands before handling food, washing fruits and veggies before eating them, and not to use the same spoon twice to taste your creations.


After the “Cooking Show” was the long awaited taste test! Students eagerly tried the soup and stir-fry and were not shy to give their opinions! Everyone quickly commented on what they loved, and enjoyed giving thoughtful suggestions to the Chefs! The bottom line: they wanted seconds!


Our toughest food critics are speechless!


After all their hard work, it was time for these little Growing Chefs to graduate! Their beaming smiles as they were called to the front of the class to receive their certificate and shake the hands of their mentors was absolutely amazing! They talked about how they were going to share their new knowledge and skills about health, nutrition, gardening, cooking and the environment with their families. What an exciting and rewarding way to finish the Growing Chefs! program.


Congratulations Henry Anderson Students!

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