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Lesson 3 at L’Ecole Bilingue

May 8, 2013

Greetings from both interns!

We spent our Wednesday morning at L’ Ecole Bilingue observing a wonderful lesson led by Linsday, Remi, and Nathan. For this lesson, students were asked to bring in their favorite vegetable to share with the class. During the vegetable sharing circle, the students and volunteers eagerly shared what they had brought. The students were equally excited to try the new vegetables they had just learned about. One boy in particular went nuts when he saw kale!


Volunteers Remi, Nathan, and Lindsay talking about their favorite vegetables

The students were so creative during transplanting they deciding to use pipe cleaners to hold their plants to the stakes!

When doing the vegetable tasting one student was so excited to eat her spinach that she brought that she took a large handful of spinach and the other vegetables and made a giant salad on her desk. Other students were also excited to eat a variety of vegetables and try new items the volunteers brought.


Students’ idea to use pipe cleaners to hold bean plants to stakes

The lesson was a huge success! Students also learned about the ins and outs of composting. They even helped the chefs make their very own compost stew!

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