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Volunteer Profile Series: Linda Olson

January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! The Holidays are always a busy time for chefs, but Chef Linda Olson of  Culinary Capers Catering and Special Events took time from her very busy schedule to share with us her experience as a Growing Chefs! volunteer.

chef linda olson

Chef Linda Olson (right) with co-volunteers

GC: What is it like to be a Growing Chefs! Volunteer?
Rewarding!  love the enthusiasm the kids exhibit for the classes. It’s also very easy – 2 hours of my time every two weeks; plus you share the workload with your co-volunteers.

GC: What was your favorite classroom moment?
LO: The excitement when the first green shoots show up in the planters.

GC: Why is food sustainability and urban agriculture important to you?
I try to grow as much as I can at home. I know that  food grown with the least amount of human interference is the most ideal not only for the health of our bodies, but also for the health of our planet.

I believe that we should try to eat local as much as possible, especially because we live in such a temperate climate. I think people should be aware of where their food comes from, what it looks like in it’s natural state, and what it tastes like. Also, I believe that learning about sustainability and urban agriculture from a young age is very important, as that is when you start to form habits and belief systems.

GC: What was your favorite classroom activity?
Honestly, I loved the cooking with the kids. I volunteered with an intermediate class last year and all the kids created their own stir fry recipes in groups, prepped them and had a cook-off. They were so excited and  really enjoyed tasting the vegetables.

Do you have a passion for food and teaching? We are currently recruiting volunteers for our 2013 Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program. For more information visit:

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