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From Farms to Forks Thank You Poem 2012

November 1, 2012

Every year  Merri writes a lovely poem to thank all of our wonderful Farms to Forks’ restaurants, chefs, sponsors and supporters.  This year was no different.

Merri reading ‘From Farms to Forks Thank You Poem’
Photo by Kyla Day

Thank You Poem

We’re gathered again for Farms to Forks Three,

It’s time for our thank-yous–we’re grateful, you see.

This night couldn’t happen without a big hand from many,

We’ve put it in rhyme, so we don’t forget any.

So thanks to our hosts—Julian and Erin from PICA,

It’s no exaggeration that we couldn’t do it without ya.

Dear Fred and Margaret, for your grace and your charm,

You emcee with style, for all guests, chefs, and farm.

And of course to our chefs—your food is sublime!

Your genius ensures all a marvelous time.

And paired with our chefs, we have many a farmer,

Sowing with care when the earth’s colder or warmer.

Our volunteer crew–in every department you pitch in,

Servers, bar, students, stewards, wine, auction, and kitchen.

Our saviour, Annette, for your wise and trained eye,

To Sophie, our assistant—no limit’s too high!

To Vincor, for bringing such great wine for pairing,

Each year you support us by donating and sharing.

To Victoria Spirits, for supplying us with gin,

Our seasonal cocktail is sure to make you grin.

To R&B for the beer and to Namasthe Tea,

Your drinkable products are as lovely can be.

To everyone who donated to our amazing silent auction,

Your items are what everyone will be wantin’.

Our media sponsors—Edible Vancouver, Van Mag, and Scout,

Your fabulous coverage ensures the word can get out.

To our board of directors, for manning the door bravely,

Your guidance and dedication help us navigate safely.

To our adorable students, Zaynadeen and Claire,

Your presentation will showcase our program with flair.

To Mike at Artona, and your generous printing,

For your long-standing support, no praise can be stinting.

To Julia Watt, for fantastic PR,

To Shawn LaPaix—our new design star.

Of course thanks to Pedersens, for dishes by rental,

Such a debt that we owe—I’m starting to get sentimental!

So lastly to you, for coming out to attend,

Let’s get this show on the road—our thanks are finally at an end.

If you attended this year’s event and shot a video of Merri reading her poem, we would love to see it! Please leave us a comment if you have a clip!

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