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Greetings from Growing Chefs’ Newest Member

October 4, 2012

Greetings, from Growing Chefs’ Newest Member

Hi friends of Growing Chefs!  I’m Sophie, the new contract executive assistant!  I’ve long been a fan and observer of Growing Chefs’ work, but never imagined I would be a part of this amazing organization.

I recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with a background in geography.  While in school, I often got the question, “what do geography students after graduation?” Now I can confidently and proudly say, “I work to promote food security & urban agriculture by inspiring children to grow their own food!” 

It’s only been a couple weeks since I’ve started with Growing Chefs, but as I peruse further into our school program and curriculum, I am reminded of the first time I grew a bean in a clear plastic cup in grade school.  I remember thinking, “how did that one single, brown, odd-shaped bean turn into a tall, lean and green stalk?”  I still watch my garden in the same amazement as it transforms from spring to summer to fall.

I’m so thrilled to be a part of an organization that provides the same magical experience to children as they learn about growing their own food, especially in the face of peak oil and climate change.

I’ll be sharing with you my gardening trials and tribulations, mouth-watering recipes and much more!  I hope to meet you all through our programs and events!

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