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The Growing Chefs! Going Local! Local Food Challenge is here again!

July 30, 2012

We’re challenging people to eat local for 7 days, from August 19th-25th. Learn more about the campaign and consider signing up today!

It’s a great opportunity to learn more about what our beautiful B.C. has to offer and raise money to help support the classroom gardening program. Please consider pledging one of our participants today. We already have some incredible people who have signed up with inspiring stories! Here are a few of them:

1. Harvest Union Community Foods

For one week Mike, Stephanie, Sara ( vegan) and Andrea will be eating a diet sourced from urban farms and other local producers.

2. Andrea Carlson’s Local Food Challenge

We have  a celebrity doing our challenge! Andrea is one of our Board of Directors. She’s also the former executive chef at Bishop’s and one of Vancouver’s most celebrated chefs! For the week of August 19th, she will be eating a local only diet!  She’s taking this opportunity to create new local recipes and will be sharing them! Take the time to support and pledge her and learn new recipes you can make from our celebrity chef!

3. Helen’s Local 2012 Food Challenge

Our very own Helen Stortini will be going local to support Growing Chefs! Program. She has a deep passion for sustainable eating and urban gardening, so she’s taking up this challenge to practice what she believes in. So go ahead and pledge her for a great cause!

4. Ghazal’s Local Food Challenge

And me! Having studied at UBC’s Land and Food Systems faculty, I’ve learned the importance of sustainable eating and how important it is to support our local farmers. So I’m taking up this challenge to support our local food and our awesome Growing Chefs! classroom program. You can pledge me here.

Consider supporting these great participants! Or check out the rest of the amazing people who are taking the challenge. We’re so grateful to them for joining the challenge and helping us raise money to support Growing Chefs! Help them help us reach our goal! Or if you really can’t decide who to support, you can always make a general donation to the campaign.

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