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Someone’s Been Watering the Children

May 30, 2012

As I’ve darted about Vancouver, I’ve met students from the littlest grade-one sprouts to fast-growing grade-three seedlings, as our main program covers the primary years. So when I walk into one of our few junior classrooms, I’m surprised by the bean stalks who are approaching their teachers’ heights. These kids have been getting lots of water and sunlight!

The intermediate program is currently being piloted in three Vancouver schools, covering grades four to six. The students, on top of caring for and harvesting their gardens, explore the changes that have taken place in Vancouver’s urban environment over the last hundred years, and learn how even the smallest spaces can be green spaces.


The cooking also gets more complex, and in our last lesson, we sampled vegetables, oils, and sauces to plan competing stir-fry recipes. Next week, we put our plans into action and let the judges decide. Whichever stir fry wins the big prize, we can be sure they’ll all be delicious, healthy, and give our growing chefs everything they need to keep growing (as if they need it).



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