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Growing Drama at Growing Chefs

May 25, 2012

No, there are no internal power struggles or Gordon Ramsay-style flying knives at GCHQ. The kids are just participating in a bit of theatre to learn about the benefits of vitamins found in their veggies. Taking the roles of players on a down-on-its-luck soccer team, the students concoct a secret weapon: a power salad that gives them the energy they need to finally turn the tables on their rivals. No lie: it’s adorable.



The real treat, however, is getting to actually make and eat the dramatic salad themselves, and using some of their own lettuce (full of vitamin K!) to do it.




Of course, when the feast is over, they use all that energy to give their teacher and their chefs a break by doing the dishes. Something tells me their enthusiasm for eating vegetables will last far longer than their enthusiasm for cleaning things.


Quote of the day from a six-year-old student who clearly has culinary aspirations: “Balsamic vinegar is really good with bocconcini.”

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