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A Creative (and Fun) Way to Support Growing Chefs!

December 14, 2011

Photo by Luis Valdizon

Award-winning wine writer and educator James Nevison came up with a fun and creative way to support Growing Chefs! Read on to learn more about James and his event.  And be sure to check out James’ new wine guide app at

Growing Chefs: Can you describe the event you held for Growing Chefs?

James Nevison: Quite simple, really. I invited a bunch of people over, cooked up some food, mulled up some wine, and sold off a few cases of excess bottles from the cellar! The proceeds were donated to Growing Chefs.

GC: What interests you most about Growing Chefs?

JN: Bringing chefs to the classroom! It’s great for children to witness a chef’s passion for both cooking, and how this extends to care in the ingredients they use — first-hand and at an early age.

GC: Why is the work that we do important to you?

JN: I love food. I love kids. And I love living in the city. Growing Chefs connects all three together to highlight how a little effort and attention pays dividends in promoting healthy eating and urban agriculture.

GC: Why did you choose to support Growing Chefs in this way?

JN: It was the best way for me to mobilize the resources I had at hand, and a wonderful excuse for a party!

GC: How did your guests respond to the event?

JN: Very positively. What’s not to like about good food, good wine, and good conversation… and going home with a full stomach and a warm heart knowing that you’re supporting a great organization!?!

GC: What’s your favourite seasonal vegetable?

JN: Beets.

GC: What’s your favourite food memory?

JN: Picking strawberries in my grandpa’s backyard garden.

GC: What’s your favourite food to cook for yourself?

JN: Depends on what I can find at the farmer’s market.

GC: What’s the best advice you can give a kid who wants to be a writer?

JN: Treat your words like vegetables. Keep things crisp and fresh, don’t let them get stale and wilted like lost greens in the back of the fridge.

James Nevison is an award-winning wine writer and educator, and the co-founder of HALFAGLASS. He is widely known as the wine columnist for The Province newspaper, where his “Wine Guy” column appears each Thursday. James is the co-author of six national best-selling books on wine, including the Had a Glass series guiding wine drinkers to the Top 100 Wines under $20. James’ casual, accessible musings on wine can also be read regularly in the BC Liquor Stores’ TASTE magazine, and on various radio and television programs. Recognized as a “Top 40 Foodie Under 40” by Western Living magazine, James enjoys spreading the wine love and traveling the world’s vineyards! Find out more about the new, pocket-friendly editions of Had a Glass (in book and “app” form) at

Want to learn more about how you can support Growing Chefs? (And have a lot of fun doing it?) Check out our website or shoot us an email.

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