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The Trout Lake Crew Part 3

August 20, 2011

Meet another member of the Trout Lake Crew who has taken the local challenge! You can visit Laura Smit’s campaign page here.

1. Why did you decide to take the local challenge?

One of the reasons I decided to work for Vancouver Farmers Markets is because I’m interested in supporting a sustainable, alternative food system that keeps BC farmers farming. Eating local is already part of my lifestyle but I’ve never gone all the way (cooking without olive oil or salt is rather intimidating). This seemed like a good cause and reason to challenge myself a little more and have some solidarity with the Trout Lake Farmers Market Crew.

2. What’s your favourite local food/recipe?

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different ways of eating local this week – substituting honey for sugar, snacking on blueberries, putting beet greens and swiss chard in everything! For our 100-Mile Feast, I brought a dish of onions, garlic and fingerling potatoes from Helmer’s in Pemberton, roasted in butter with bacon and sage for extra flavour. So good!

3. What will be the hardest part for you to do this challenge?

It’s surprising how much I rely on my cup of coffee in the morning! Never mind that I pick up my beans from a local roaster, there’s no way coffee beans grow close enough to support even a 1000 mile diet. Even tea was out until I discovered nettle tea with honey.

One of the hardest things, though, was having to plan out my meals ahead of time. Instead of picking up whatever struck my fancy at the market and whipping together something tasty from my household staples, I had to anticipate my food needs for the week and make sure I covered my local bases (no rice? pasta? beans?). Meals got repetitive. I may have cheated a little when I picked up some already flavoured Gelderman sausage to saute with kale and onions.

4. Do you have any local food memories from when you were a kid?

I remember picking strawberries with my mom in Ontario. Going out to pick blueberries was part of how I managed to eat local on a budget this week and heading out to the fields with ice cream buckets and a wagon took me back to hot, summer afternoons in the straw and daisies, picking ripe, juicy berries. First thing we would do when we got back home was nothing complicated – just sliced strawberries on a piece of toast with tea.

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