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The Trout Lake crew Part 1

August 19, 2011

The Trout Lake Farmers Market staff have joined the Local Food Challenge as a team. And to help raise money for Growing Chefs! they hosted a Local Food Potluck. One of the team members, Eric March explains:

“Our potluck was on Monday August 15th.  We ended up having a modest crowd of 11, who brought a whole variety of local food.  Our rules for the evening were that the Trout Lake Crew had to bring entirely 100mile dishes, but our guests only needed one 100 mile ingredient.  We hoped that would encourage people who might not otherwise make a 100 mile dish to give it a try. We ended up with everything from fresh caught salmon, to local potatoes from the Farmer’s Market, to foraged steamed stinging nettles, and several more things in between.  Everybody had a great time, got some delicious food, and we received over $130 in donations!”

Salmon steamed on the BBQ with a onion, garlic scapes, and some roasted garlic, all local of course.

The potluck aftermath. Remnants of stuffed zucchini, pork sausage, apple tart, and a blueberry crumble

Eric also took the time to talk about local food and how the Local Challenge experience has been for him.

Why did you decide to take the local challenge?
Mostly to challenge myself to see if I could do it.  I love  local food, and a decent chunk of my diet is normally local, I wondered if I could go all the way local.

What’s your favourite local food/recipe?
My favourite local food is definitely a tie between raspberries and strawberries, best treat in the world.

My favourite local recipe overall would be a traditional Finnish fruit wine.  Blueberries, honey, water, and 4-6 weeks of sunlight get’s you a delicious local wine.

My favourite local food recipe would have to be a stuffed turban squash.  It makes for an impressive dish when you serve it in the shell.

What will be the hardest part for you to do this challenge?
Definitely the hardest part will be the fact that I have friends in from out of town for 2 weddings, so there are lots of dinners out, and lots of celebrating this week.  It’s pretty tough to balance keeping local for the challenge , and being polite at celebrations…
A close second to that is the lack of local beer in Vancouver!

Do you have any local food memories from when you were little?
Plenty.  We always had a garden when I was a kid.  My mom was big on  healthy desserts, so I grew up on fresh berries in the summer.  Every summer near the end, as long as I’ve been alive, my mom has either U-picked or ordered cases of apples from local farms and done a marathon of apple pie making, and then freezing so that we can eat apple pie all winter long.

You can check out Eric’s campaign page here.
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