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What Merri’s Eating

August 17, 2011

Growing Chefs! founder and pastry chef Merri Schwartz is doing the Local Food Challenge up in the Great Bear Rainforest. This makes her 100 Mile Challenge a little more challenging than most. While I’ve been enjoying Salt Spring Island cheese, Sapo Bravo plums, Glen Valley Organic zucchini, Helmer’s potatoes, and Shalefield blueberries, Merri’s had to get a little more creative with her meals. She’s basically eating a traditional first nations diet for seven days. Here’s what was on the menu for her yesterday:

A local (and harvested) breakfast

Breakfast: Warmed yellow and red salmonberries and red and blue huckleberries with almonds (wildcard)

Seasong salmon using boiled sea water

Salmon, huckleberries, and bunchberries

Lunch: Salmon seasoned with seawater with hucklberries and bunchberries

Great Bear Rainforest 100 Mile Soup Ingredients

Sea cucumbers

Cleaning the sea cucumbers

Steamed silverfoil root

Dinner for the next few days!

Dinner: 100 mile soup with halibut bone stock, Kiel seaweed (red laver), salmon, sea cucumbers, cedar, and silver fir

You can learn more about Merri’s campaign and pledge her on her amazing (and difficult!) challenge on her campaign page.

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