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Make Your Own 100 Mile: Salad

August 11, 2011

Yet another delicious dish from Chef Andrea Carlson of Bishop’s.

Poached Hen’s Egg with Green Pea and Daylily Salad

1 cup green peas, blanched in salted water, refreshed
2 Tablespoons assorted herbs chopped, shiso, mint, bergamot, tarragon – whatever you like!
6 freshly picked daylily flowers, petals only  Latin ‘ hemerocallis stella d’oro’ are my favourites
( Caution: Do NOT use other lilies as they may be poisonous. Be 100% certain you are using daylilies.)
2 Tablespoons goat feta, crumbled
a few small leaves arugula
2 hen’s eggs, soft poached
2 sliced fresh Urban Grains C.S.A. wheat bread, toasted (optional)

Toss peas, herbs, feta, salt and daylily and arugula together gently.
Place on two plates and top each with a poached egg.
Serve with toast if available.

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